Governors Blog 2018-2019

February 2019

Hello all.  I’m Julian Thomas and I’m Chair of Governors here at St Sampson’s.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you all a little bit about myself as well as some information about our current Governing Body.  I’m a parent of both past and present pupils at St Sampson’s and have been a governor here for quite some time!  I’ve always had a deep-routed interest in education and seeing the academic and social development of our children; I spent about 18 years as a teacher in various secondary schools before making a move into the adult sector, where I now work in Probation.  I have a particular interest in bringing out the best in people and trying to make a genuine difference.  I guess these values help make our school the place it is.


We have a full, well-qualified Governing Body at the moment.  In case you’re wondering what we do, we have three ‘Full Governing Body’ meetings in a year, as well as three committees.  The committees meet up three times per year and divided up into Finance & Premises, Staffing and Curriculum & Standards.  I’m Chair of Curriculum and Standards, whilst Mary Coole is Chair of Staffing and David Hayward-Browne is Chair of Finance and Premises.  Activities may involve something as basic as repairing broken drainpipes to coming in and talking to a teacher about what’s been going on in the classroom.  We look at school development too.  Do you fancy becoming a governor at our school?  In which case, please feel free to talk to me or any of the other governors here.  It’s a rewarding thing to do.

I wish you and your children an exciting term ahead at St Sampson’s!