Governors Blog 2018-2019

April 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we approach the very end of the spring term at school, I thought I’d remind you about some of the great things that have happened at our school during the term; I had the pleasure in accompanying Mrs Rumsey and some young musicians to Rendcomb College in February, where they were all given the opportunity to get some music tuition and experience playing in an orchestra. For some, this was their first such experience. They all coped really well and I was impressed with the high standard of music that they produced.

Most recently, I was privileged to watch the Community Tea Party and was truly amazed by the number of children taking part, the talent of the acts on stage and the wonderful service provided by pupils for the residents of Cricklade – there really was a fine selection of cakes, sandwiches and drinks, not to mention entertainment.

Throughout term, I’ve seen the St Sampson’s football and netball teams play both home and away matches, and it’s fair to say that they continue to play very well, having won most of their games by the time of going to press! I’d like to thank all staff who’ve made time to give the pupils a great sporting experience at the school.

Finally, I must say a big thank all the staff for making it another successful term at Saint Sampson’s School and to all the parents and carers who make this happen.

Wishing you all a happy Easter and a lovely holiday,

Chair of Governors



February 2019

Hello all.  I’m Julian Thomas and I’m Chair of Governors here at St Sampson’s.  I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you all a little bit about myself as well as some information about our current Governing Body.  I’m a parent of both past and present pupils at St Sampson’s and have been a governor here for quite some time!  I’ve always had a deep-routed interest in education and seeing the academic and social development of our children; I spent about 18 years as a teacher in various secondary schools before making a move into the adult sector, where I now work in Probation.  I have a particular interest in bringing out the best in people and trying to make a genuine difference.  I guess these values help make our school the place it is.


We have a full, well-qualified Governing Body at the moment.  In case you’re wondering what we do, we have three ‘Full Governing Body’ meetings in a year, as well as three committees.  The committees meet up three times per year and divided up into Finance & Premises, Staffing and Curriculum & Standards.  I’m Chair of Curriculum and Standards, whilst Mary Coole is Chair of Staffing and David Hayward-Browne is Chair of Finance and Premises.  Activities may involve something as basic as repairing broken drainpipes to coming in and talking to a teacher about what’s been going on in the classroom.  We look at school development too.  Do you fancy becoming a governor at our school?  In which case, please feel free to talk to me or any of the other governors here.  It’s a rewarding thing to do.

I wish you and your children an exciting term ahead at St Sampson’s!