Governors Blog 2021-2022

October 2021

Hello all and welcome back to school following the half-term break.  I do hope you all had a good holiday and that the children are all refreshed ready for the new term.  I'd personally like to thank all the parents, carers and staff who have made it possible for the children to return to school again following times of uncertainty due to the ongoing crisis around us.  Can I please ask that you all continue to take note of the Covid measures referred to in the weekly newsletter to help keep our school safe. 
I'd just like to draw your attention to some of the things happening with the Governing Body this term; In addition to the Staffing meeting that took place in October, we will be having a Curriculum & Standards meeting in November and a Fiance & Premises meeting in December, all of which are used to assist Mrs Bayne in the management of the school and to ensure accountability to parents and carers regarding pupil progress.  Also, I'd like to highlight our Parent Governors to you, should you see them in the playground and would like to mention anything to them; they are Nick Hardman, Simon Carter and Michael Jackson.  
Wishing you all well and a happy term ahead.
Julian Thomas
Chair of Governors.