We highly value our Art curriculum at St Sampson’s.  It is a subject in which we believe all children can flourish.

We encourage children to develop their creativity and imagination through skills which include developing ideas, making and evaluating their artwork. In addition, they broaden, deepen and apply their subject knowledge of Art and its rich history.

Pupils have the opportunity to work collaboratively with each other, gaining inspiration from professional artists and crafts people.  They explore different materials and media, including those used for drawing, painting, 3D modelling, textiles, printing and collage, and the great variety held therein.  They learn to appreciate works of art and use artistic language to describe paintings, sculptures and other artefacts.  

Children also have the opportunity to explore many artists and art forms during our annual Creative Arts week, which is always linked with current environmental issues to raise awareness of how we can help to save our world and its beauty which has inspired so many artistic masterpieces.