We hope that you find the information here useful and that it gives you more of an insight in to the responsibilities of the governors and what we do.

The members of the Governing Body are all volunteers and represent parents, staff and the wider community. They offer a variety of skills which are required to manage the school effectively. The appointment of Governors and the way they conduct school business is laid down by an Education Act. The Clerks to the Governing Body are paid to look after the administration and keep us abreast of information from government, both local and national.

The Governing Body of the school has three key roles:
 To provide a strategic view
 To act as a critical friend
 To ensure accountability

In practice this means it agrees targets, policies and priorities, then monitors and reviews them. It also offers support and acts as a sounding board for ideas whilst seeking to promote the best interests of the school and pupils. It aims to provide good quality education.

Full Governors’ meetings must be held at least once a term. The detailed business is delegated to three committees who each meet as often as necessary. These committees are Curriculum and Standards, Finance and Buildings and Staffing. All key policy decisions proposed by committees require the approval of the full governing body.

Mr Julian Thomas