Physical Education (PE)

At St Sampson’s we value Physical Education.  We inspire and challenge all children to be independent, confident and to have a lifelong love of physical activity.  We promote healthy lifestyle choices and Physical Education gives our children the perfect opportunity to be active whilst also learning about mental health and wellbeing.

All children at St Sampson’s receive two hours of high quality PE per week.  A specialist PE teacher leads the children for one of the two hours of PE in each class.  Our PE specialist also provides CPD for staff both in school and across the North Wiltshire Sports Cluster which involves 13 schools.  To promote physical education we have an annual sports week which involves the whole school community.  During annual sports week, we also offer alternative sports and bring in role models from the sporting world to share their valuable experiences with us and help inspire the next generation!

Our curriculum builds the foundations of Fundamental Movement Skills through, Dance,  Gymnastics, Athletics and Team Games.  Fundamentals underpin the core skills of children’s physical development. Dance & Gymnastics help our children to develop strength,  explore creativity, experience and improve balance and coordination.  Athletics help our children to develop personal bests and experience competition. Team games allow the children to develop a sense of belonging, sportsmanship and teamwork. 

Swimming takes place for all children in Year 2 and those who would benefit from additional opportunities in Year 3.  All children swim again in Year 6, where the focus is on personal survival skills.

We have enthusiastic Football and Netball teams who have the opportunity to take part in local leagues.  We also offer a wide variety of after school clubs which often include cross country, basketball, cricket, orienteering, dance and athletics.  St Sampson’s is part of the North Wilts Sports Cluster and therefore have the opportunity to take part in up to 19 sports festivals each year. These range from Netball, Cricket, Hockey, to Athletics, Orienteering, Dance and Gymnastics. The NWSC festivals are organised by our PE Specialist and across the academic year all year groups are invited to take part. We are very lucky to have three playgrounds, two halls and a wonderful school field which is used by all our children.

Children have set days for PE and Games lessons where they come to school in their PE kit.  When working inside, the children are required to wear plain white T-shirt and green or black shorts. During outdoor lessons, children may also wish to wear tracksuit bottoms and their school jumpers weather dependant. 

For safety and hygiene reasons, hair that is long enough must be tied back and earrings and watches removed.  Earing tape can be provided if ears have been recently pierced. Children should only wear studs to school if their ears are pierced.

Our aim is for each and every child to find something active which they enjoy at St Sampson’s.