Religious Education (RE)

The school follows the Wiltshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

The R.E curriculum provides knowledge and understanding of the belief and practice of various religious traditions. Pupils will explore, reflect and respond to questions and issues raised by these traditions. The work is based upon Christianity, in line with our school status as a voluntary controlled Church of England school, but we also study other major religions looking at similarities and differences in the religions.

In following this curriculum, we try to stimulate curiosity and develop the children’s sense of exploration and discovery as they live in a multicultural world. We aim to help children understand that there can be many answers to questions in R.E. and that worthwhile questions can seldom be answered by facts.

We encourage children to look for alternative possibilities and to be open-minded and flexible in their thinking. We strive to provide children with the opportunity to develop their own spirituality and creativity and to appreciate the spirituality and creativity of others. We aim to teach children to think for themselves, become reflective learners and to draw their own conclusions.


Visits and visitors to support the RE Curriculum: